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Your local Chiropractor in Chatswood

Our chiropractor assesses and treats individuals here in Chatswood, this is based on the functioning of the structure of our bodies. In Chatswood our chiropractor understands that, in our everyday lives we encounter both physical (poor posture, sedentary work, repetitive activity) and emotional (traffic, deadlines, personal issues) stress. This stress has a profound effect on our bodies and over time these stresses can alter the way we live.How often have you felt that your body isn’t feeling right, and that you dismiss it by saying ‘Its normal for me to feel sore and aching at the end of the day’ Feeling sore and out of sorts isn’t normal for anyone!

You can address these issues, here in Chatswood, with the help of our chiropractor.

When our bodies are under stress our postural muscles are the first structures to become affected. We can usually feel this tightness as the muscles feel ‘knotted’ or ‘ropey’. When a muscle tightens its length actually becomes shorter, which has an adverse affect on the structures around that area. This muscle tightness causes the bones that the muscles attach to, to not be able to move through their appropriate range of motion, which in turn doesn’t allow the joints around that muscle to function the way they should. Over time this leads to a dysfunction of the area and eventually pain.

Get in touch with our chiropractor in Chatswood today! Be active in recovering your health.

How we can help

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Muscular pain in the neck, back, shoulders or upper arms
  • Neurological symptoms in the arms or legs (pins and needles, numbness)
  • Muscle strains and joint sprains
  • Work related injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Sports Injuries

You also have a role to play

Your health is not only up to us, you also have some responsibility. By making sure you follow any exercises or stretches given for you to do at home, by following any advice given and by identifying stresses in your everyday life that can be easily changed, then together we can help you feel yourself again.

How does it work

At our clinic in Chatswood our chiropractor will incorporate muscle relaxation and rehabilitation techniques to help relieve the muscle tightness as well as using specific spinal adjustments, to help alleviate any pressure placed on the soft tissues of the body, such as, intervertebral discs, joint surfaces, ligaments and peripheral nerves. Together these techniques greatly help to improve range of motion to the area, thereby improving joint health and overall well being.

The muscles are rehabilitated through various techniques and soft tissue massage, including Trigger Point Therapy and Active Release Technique. Spinal adjustments are achieved by manual therapy as well as low force techniques such as the use of pelvic blocks, table drops and activator instruments,however the treatment we provide does vary depending on each individual case.